Geneco - #VoyageToProsperity
Voyage to Prosperity

Hidden within the depths of our emerald sea,
lies an enchanting underwater realm of amazing wonders.

Known as the "Rainforests of The Sea", coral reefs are one of the most
precious gems in the ocean that is also the very heartbeat
of our marine ecosystem.

This Chinese New Year, we would like to invite you to dive deeper with us,
explore the vast coral reefs that are thriving within our waters,
and join us in our conservation efforts.

Together, let's embark on a #VoyageToProsperity towards
a sustainable nation for our next generation.

And beyond.

By nurturing an appreciation and sense of responsibility for our marine environment from a young age,
we hope to inspire and empower the next generation of environmental stewards to build themselves a sustainable future.

Voyage To Prosperity Game

In collaboration with Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE), we have co-created the
Voyage To Prosperity Game together with Gabriel Chin, 10.

This game was one of the shortlisted entries from MCE's Summer Coding Hackathon 2023, themed "Code the Ocean", where students aged 9 to 12 from all around the world were invited to build, learn and create their own game projects from scratch to raise awareness about marine conservation and sustainability.

From 1 Jan till 29 Feb 2024, simply play the game and you can stand to win
$28 eCapitaVoucher weekly when you are 1 of the top 5 winners of the week!

Winners will be contacted in the following month.

Terms & Conditions apply.


Every gameplay counts towards conserving our coral reefs

Geneco will be donating $10,000 to the coral reef conservation and enhancement efforts by National Parks Board's (NParks) registered charity and IPC, Garden City Fund, and we need your help - play this game to show your support
and we will donate on your behalf.

You can also donate directly to NParks' Garden City Fund here.

This year, our red packet design concept hopes to inspire Singaporeans to explore deeper beneath our waters,
and discover the vibrant mosaic of oceanic biodiversity within our nation.

Together with NParks' Garden City Fund, we are illuminating the beauty of coral reefs,
which serve as a pivotal foundation for a thriving marine ecosystem.

This is symbolised by the radiant flow of fishes in vivid hues of pink, blue and gold,
as well as the blooming corals to represent their flourishing prosperity.

Within each red packet, printed on FSC-certified paper, you will also discover the lesser-known facts
about our coral reefs and how they are vital to our marine life.

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If you would like to receive these limited edition Geneco Red Packets,
simply join our social media contest!

Share with us where Singapore's coral reefs can be found for a chance to win a set of
Geneco Red Packets and $28 eCapitaVoucher!

Terms & Conditions apply.

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This year will be the fourth consecutive year that we are collecting used and excess red packets which will be given a second life of purpose, and we hope you can be part of this initiative.

Besides our returning partners, CRU, IUIGA, OTO, REFASH and Wisma Atria, we are elated to have CapitaLand malls, PAP Action for Green Towns and SG Recycle joining us this year.

With the recycling bins conveniently found at over 90 locations across the nation, you can easily drop off your used red packets for recycling.

Let's all do our part to keep our tradition alive and
keep Singapore our City in Nature.

You can also stand to win $28 eCapitaVoucher by simply sharing with us which Used Red Packet Recycling Bin location you will be dropping off your red packets.

Join us in showing your support for local coral reef conservation efforts.

Location: Tampines Mall Level 1 Concourse (Main Entrance)
Date: 31 Jan to 6 Feb 2024, 10am to 10pm

What's Happening:

• Play our Voyage To Prosperity game to show your support for local coral reef conservation efforts and stand to win $28 eCapitaVoucher

• If you have excess red packets at home, you can also bring them down and recycle them in our Used Red Packets Recycling Bins

• Receive a limited-edition Geneco reusable straw when you play the Voyage To Prosperity game at the pop-up

3 & 4 Feb: Receive an exclusive set of Geneco Red Packets and a Geneco Green Starter Kit (worth $40)
if you are one of the first 50 players each day, from 3pm to 6pm

The Plant-A-Coral, Seed-A-Reef Programme by the NParks' Garden City Fund invites all
to support the habitat enhancement efforts at the Sisters' Islands Marine Park.

Find out more about the Plant-A-Coral, Seed-A-Reef Programme and be part of their efforts to conserve our coral reefs.